Mission Critical Developer – Amsterdam (7979)


This privately owned company has 170 employees who are dedicated to complete client satisfaction: 100% available mission critical IT environments. The flat company structure with no management layers requires every employee to provide input, which allows for continuous improvement of this high-end service they provide to their clients. Working from best practices, the two most frequently asked questions are: “how can it be improved?” and “why?”. Every Engineer at this company has a natural curiosity and wants to understand why something behaves the way it does. And automating and scripting are second nature to every Engineer. With the “you design it, you drive it” philosophy, you want to create the best possible environment. You will be fully facilitated to make this happen.

“It’s like being myself and finding people who understand what I am talking about”. This is a quote from one of the guys in the team after he had his second interview. With 18 years of Engineering experience, he’s finally found a position at a company where people ask each other for help and ask for/offer opinions.


As a Developer your job will be to solve integration issues for clients, develop internal tooling and develop the CloudStack (a scalable secure flexible application landscape with single sign on). You develop both the front- and the back-end. You will not be working in a delimited role, but are responsible up till the end-of-life development of an application. The small self-steering team you will be working in has full responsibility and the mandate to keep clients satisfied. You will be personally involved with the client and act as a sparring partner in order to find out the client’s wishes. The direct contact you have with the client will allow you to know if the software you developed does what it’s supposed to do, or if there is room for improvement.

You don’t really view yourself as a developer or as a tester, but as someone who wants to automate. You want to make it as easy on yourself and your client as possible without any concessions to the quality or the result. You have an excellent understanding of Operating Systems (Microsoft or Linux Server software) which allows you to develop better software. You manage the development street and are experienced with continuous integration, continuous development and automated testing. Extreme programming is often applied.

Functie eisen

  • Please note: only candidates living in The Netherlands with a European passport will be considered for this role.
  • A minimum of 10 years working experience in large (preferably Mission Critical web) server environments
  • Experience developing open source software
  • Proven experience with version control (SVN/git), continuous integration (Jenkins) and deployment
  • Experience with Unit testing and Test Driven Development (you write your own automated tests)
  • You are curious by nature and want to know why something works and wonder if it can be improved
  • Languages used (but not limited to): Java, C, Python, Perl, Ruby


  • Salary: €55.000 – €80.000 per annum.
  • Indefinite contract from day 1
  • 15% bonus
  • Company car, or 1st class passe partout (OV Jaarkaart)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Excellent pension
  • 25 paid vacation days
  • Unlimited technical growth: you will increase your own expertise, but you will be encouraged to learn more about other areas of IT. You will learn from your peers and are expected to share your knowledge too.