Data Management Engineer – Schiphol-Rijk (8369)


Where others focused their activities on insourcing and managing entire IT infrastructures, our client discovered a significant gap in the market and, as real Pioneers in their field, have successfully exploited their niche. Founded over ten years ago they decided to focus their activities on the insourcing of Misssion Critical Applications only. In addition they combined this with two very significant unique selling points: Guaranteeing 100% availability of the functionality of the client’s application(s) and Guaranteeing a Fixed Price This simple, yet ingenious business model, has enabled them to establish both very close and long term business relationships with key players in the areas of internet banking applications, disaster recovery, and trading room applications.


The DMS team of our client is searching for a new all-round engineer, carrying a backpack filled with Commvault- and storage experience. DMS stands for Data Management (as a) Service, a multi-tenant data protection solution. This service is based on Commvault Simpana software and runs within the Mission Critical Cloud Infrastructure of the company. Last year, the DMS-team was rewarded by Commvault with the global Service Provider Innovation Award.

What’s so special about our DMS-Solution

DMS provides a centralized, multi-tenant cloud based back-up and restore platform. We have combined clustering, SQL AlwaysOn, S3 object based storage and multi-tenant tape library technologies with end-to-end encryption. This service enables our customers to securely and efficiently manage their data protection needs in a seamless manner, while guaranteeing the integrity of data and 100% up-time.

Through DMS we currently manage:

12 internal customers and 2 external (IaaS)

3800+ Commvault clients including clients running Linux, Windows, Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL and VMware etc

38TB front-end data (280TB in total)

3500+ backups a day and rising

Most of the data is stored in our own internal 100% S3 object store, based on Cloudian (designed/built and maintained by the same DMS team). Besides the object store, data is also stored on customer specific storage arrays (Netapp, HP) and offsite tape media. For this we built a multi-tenant tape offering that is part of the DMS service offering. The S3 object store primarily started out as a target for backup data, but has since been used for lots more use cases. Chef-vault, repo, artifacts and other services of our clients SaaS team rely heavily on the object store, as well as customers that use S3 as its primary target for storing all kind of data. All in all, the S3 object store currently has capacity for ~1 Petabyte of data and is filling up rapidly. New expansions have already been racked and stacked.


Upgrade the DMS platform to the next major version of Commvault v11

Expand our S3 object storage to facilitate x amount of petabytes

Build an S3 object-to-tape solution

Add archiving capabilities to DMS

Bring new functionality and capabilities to our customers

Enrich the sbp_commvault Chef cookbook with new functionality

Automate tasks through Commvault workflows (for example to facilitate data movements, automatic restores as part of provisioning and database refreshes)

Consult our customers how to use DMS and implement and design new solutions (based on customer feedback)

Assist internal customer team with new opportunities and/or projects

Be part of a customer/internal team

And much, much, much more!!!


Thorough experience in Commvault (preferably you possess a Master certification or are willing to become a Commvault Master), storage (preferably object storage and/or NetApp), Linux and Windows

The desire to be part of a smaller entity within a bigger company, holding responsibility as a team for a wide range of issues like product management, financials, customer-supplier relationships

Of course sane understanding of areas other than just storage and data protection

Thorough understanding of networking concepts

Enjoy working (and discovering) with new technologies such as Terraform, Chef and Cloud frameworks (AWS/CloudStack)

You are a team-player, communicator, eager to learn and able to create your own destiny

A liking for working in complex and dynamic environments

You like automation and/or programming

Paying strong attention to detail, accuracy and thoroughness

A natural personal match with the company DNA