How are we able to help you find your new and exciting challenge?

You are here for a reason. Maybe your current contract is not being extended, or perhaps after years with the same employer you feel it is time for a change, but are a little unsure as to what you are looking for? No matter what your particular reasons are, we can offer both a listening ear and assist you with finding that new challenge!


Our Personal Approach

In 2000 we set out to provide the very best recruitment services to our Candidates whilst at the same time becoming a trusted (and often Preferred) Supplier to our Clients. Over the years we have assisted some Candidates more than once; we have gotten to know them socially; and in some cases they have even become genuine friends.


High End IT Recruitment with High Quality Candidates

Only by understanding what makes you tick, what your goals are, what technologies you like (and dislike!) are we able to match your profile to both the right position and working environment with one of our Clients. Yes, our work is complete when you start with your new employer, but our calling card is when you are still happy years later with the same employer. Some candidates have now been successfully employed for over ten years with the same client.


Our Strategy

We are Tech Recruiters. That is to suggest we can listen, understand and follow the technical skills you have (or wish to gain). But don’t ask us to code, or list a number of reasons why a particular framework would be a better choice than another; what the limitations are of a particular OS……. However, we can inform you what you can expect with regards to the working environment, your chances of a permanent contract, why this position is available and what the future holds. In short, offer you the correct guidance and information so that you are able to make the best informed decision.


Dutch National, EU National or Non-EU national?

Over the years we have successfully recruited some 40 different nationalities. Where our Client allows, we always strive to search & select the very best candidate for the open position. Your nationality makes no difference to us, but of course our Client must be registered with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Department) in order to make this happen.


Relocating? 30% Tax Ruling Advice?

Of the 40 nationalities, a significant proportion resided outside of the Netherlands when first applying. We have gained a wealth of knowledge as to how best you (and your family) can settle as quickly as possible; what you can expect to find when you arrive here; approximate cost of accommodation; gross/nett salary calculations including – but not limited to – how the 30% tax ruling works. Certification

In 2010 we successfully gained accreditation and (in 2011) certification for Essentially this is a collection of high quality Recruitment Agencies from different sectors within the Netherlands. Through our affiliation with we can keep abreast of up-to-date developments and best practices within our industry.


Interested to learn more?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your thoughts! If you are interested to learn more don’t hesitate to contact Arnold, Arnout, Tjeerd or Mel on +31(0)20 673 0837.