Logical People - Your Recruitment Partner in IT

Recruitment is people work! As each person is unique you have to enjoy communicating with people. In our opinion this forms the basis of each successful match combining on the one hand the individual qualities and personality of the candidate and on the other hand the vacancy and culture of the client.Enthusiasm in our niche sector forms the basis of everything we do. In 2000 we started Logical People with the aim of providing a high quality service in the Recruitment, Search and Selection of IT staff. In the 10 years that followed we have become a well-known recruitment agency where our name is synonymous with the following key aspects:

  • Higly personal
  • Openness
  • Ethical
  • Professional attitude & high quality

Everyone at Logical People adheres to these values with both our clients and our candidates, which in turn has a positive impact in the work we do. And that is why we can also realise our overall goal - establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients!From our offices in the heart of Amsterdam, we mediate candidates with an IT background for both permanent and contract positions. We continuously recruit for the same roles for some clients, for others it is once a year. Since 2000 we have successfully searched and selected hundreds of candidates for IT positions from nearly 40 different nationalities. This is something we feel we can be justifiably proud of!

Summum.nu Certification!


Ten years after our inception, we felt the time was right to further guarantee the quality of our service. Therefore, in 2011, we successfully achieved the Summum.nu certification, the quality kitemark for the Recruitment, Search & Selection sector in the Netherlands. Our highly personal approach was already well received by our clients and candidates, but this certification means we are able to further differentiate ourselves:

  • Our way of working is linked to a code of behaviour;
  • There exists a complaints commission for both client and candidate;
  • Logical People is audited annually;
  • We carry out both client and candidate satisfaction surveys.

Please visit www.Summum.nu for more information about this quality kitemark and what it implies for our services.

Our Strategy

We shall always give our full commitment whenever we accept a recruitment assignment. We choose to work on a select number of vacancies whereby you, as our client, shall receive more dedication per vacancy we fill. However, this means we shall also ask our clients for commitment as well - we would request that you make time available so that we can get to know you, and discuss your particular needs. We would like to be in direct contact with the relevant people who can further assist us in recruiting successfully for you. In summary: we work together with you.The team at Logical People also work together as one. We do not have individual targets; everyone profits equally in the success of the company. This means there exists a high degree of internal communication, each of us is aware of what our colleague is working on, and therefore more of us are busy with successfully filling your vacancy, or finding the role suitable for you.

Key Aspects highlighted!

Personal Approach
Our preference is to set up a first meeting with two members of the Logical People team. This will enable us to form a good picture of your organisation, your culture and what matters to you most. Via this approach the team at Logical People are able to get to know each other's clients and guarantee continuity of service in the event that a colleague is away from the office when you need them.You can also expect us to only propose a candidate who will fit your organisation from a personality point of view. We are always interested in the person behind the profile, what drives him or her, what his/her ambitions are, hobbies etc. The first meeting with a candidate is often in a café or other informal setting so that we can get to know him/her on a more personal level.

Honesty and openness is the foundation which Logical People uses to establish a long-term relationship with both clients and candidates. A relationship is built on trust. Our openness can be demonstrated through:Candidates will always know who the client is, and have the full job description from the very first moment of contact, where we will qualify the vacancy together with them. Our candidates are always fully informed when we propose his/her profile to a client.When we propose a candidate, we will always send their full CV together with name, date of birth, notice period/availability and a clear salary indication/expectation.We will always make a client aware if we feel that our candidate isn't a complete fit for the role, but with a with a clear motivation why we still believe the candidate deserves an opportunity to prove themselves at an interview.Logical People will never directly recruit within your organisation and this is confirmed in writing in our recruitment agreement.

Professional way of working & Quality
Logical People wants to both become, and remain, your Recruitment Partner. We want to feel involved in your whole recruitment process so that, even at the outset, you can count on our expertise. This could involve from discussing your entire recruitment strategy, down to advice with regards to the text of a vacancy. And, in consultation with you, we can of course provide you with a professional CV and reference check.At Logical People, we believe we would only be performing successfully by saving you time and effort in proposing candidates who fit your vacancy. Where we achieved a near 50% success ratio back in 2003 in terms of CV sent to invites for an interview, the ratio today is almost 75%. You can see that we remain very focussed, know our niche market, and only go for quality, while striving to improve.As part of our summum.nu certification we carry out both client and candidate satisfaction surveys. These very high percentage satisfaction rates from these surveys show that both our clients and our candidates are extremely happy with our services. And each completed survey remains a good learning tool for Logical People to assess whether our way of working still matches our criteria set out above.

Our niche Sector

Breadth of our IT Recruitment
Nothing is as changeable in the Netherlands as the weather. But IT comes a close second!Our years of experience in IT Recruitment means we possess knowledge over the whole spectrum of IT - Software, Systems, Databases, Networks, Applications, etc. For each category we supply Developers, Administrators, Engineers, Architects, Consultants, Project Leaders and Managers.

Expert in Recruitment for foreign nationals
The chronic shortage of well educated IT talent in the Netherlands means it is sometimes necessary to recruit employees from abroad. By successfully placing candidates from all four corners of the globe we have gained deep knowledge of work permits, taxation regulations, accommodation procedures, etc. We are able to provide the necessary information to both clients and candidates with regards to these complicated and cumbersome regulations.For Candidates not currently living and working in the Netherlands a guided tour with an evening programme forms part of our standard service. How else is a candidate able to decide if a position is the right choice for them if they are not familiar with the way of life in the Netherlands? At Logical People, we feel this is incredibly important, and something that sets us aside from our competitors.

Fee Structure

Ideally we would like to recruit for every company, but unfortunately we are not always able to agree terms of business. Sometimes a client and a recruitment agency are not made for each other. Recruitment after all remains people work.With the majority of clients we have slightly differing terms of business. Why? Because each client is different.We aim to continue to offer this flexibility within acceptable boundaries, with the agreed terms and conditions laid down in the recruitment agreement. The normal range which our fee is based on are:

  • a percentage of the annual salary of the candidate
  • a fixed fee;
  • or even a maximum fee.

The flexibility in our fee structure is based on whether you wish to hire us for a one-time search, a continuous one for the same role, as a long-term recruitment partner for several positions, and/or exclusively/as a preferred supplier.Within this range we can offer possibilities, which we always like to discuss with you personally. Please contact Arnold, Arnout or Tjeerd on +31(0)20 673 0837